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The Makeup Empowerment Courses

COURSE 1 ~ The Foundations of FOUNDATION

"The Melanin Therapist really cares! I felt so safe to disclose my beauty woes and insecurities as she supported me, educated me and empowered me to shine, by taking my skin care more seriously.

Katuiscia De Jean,

Culinary Pastry Chef & Entrepreneur

Makeup Application Techniques

"Sitting in Marsha's makeup chair is always an experience. She allows you the freedom to collaborate on makeup looks that work for you, while answering your questions thoughtfully. Her level of care is spot on!

Javicia Leslie,

Actress, Batwoman CW

COURSE 3 ~ Maintenance & Product Knowledge

"All steps of  the makeup empowerment courses are amazing! However, I am just blown away by maintenance and product knowledge. The Melanin Therapist wraps up the courses so beautifully, by sending her clients off into the beauty world armed with the tools and information needed to continue enhancing my Melanin Enriched Skin.

Natasha Gaspard,

Emmy Award Winning Producer & CEO of Mane Moves Media

All of our 1- on - 1 Melanin Therapist Courses are conducted at the lovely Luxe Beauty Brow & Spa, (located in Baldwin, NY) where NYS Covid -19 sanitary regulations are fully upheld. However, we do recognize that you may have additional concerns, and therefore also offer all Courses via Zoom for your ultimate convenience.

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