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My Melanin Story

As a girl with melanin rich skin, in a world that didn't always acknowledge my glow, or see it as beautiful, my makeup artistry goes beyond the surface to enhance the natural beauty of anyone sitting in my chair, so they can feel confident and empowered.

Born and raised in South East Queens, New York, I was surrounded by rich culture, diversity and history. Yet, colorism and eventually racism, found its way into my life and adversely impacted my self-esteem.  I didn't know, or even believe, that I, or my skin was beautiful.


When I became a professional makeup artist, I found that I not only connected to the beauty of makeup artistry, but most importantly, to the beautiful people that sat in my chair, that looked like me.

They too, shared stories of feeling invisible in a world that celebrated skin and features that didn't look like their own. Colorism has taken root in our culture and is the direct effect  of colonization, that caused us to dehumanize ourselves.


Thankfully, roots can be "uprooted" and new seeds of truth can be planted. It all starts with loving the skin you were born to live in freely, without judgement.

Melanin Enriched Skin is UNDENIABLY brilliant and beautiful.

I've learned that the path to healing, is learning to embrace who you are, and believe that you are more than enough.

THE MELANIN THERAPIST was born out of the desire to share my journey of empowerment and self love, through my passion for makeup artistry, with all people of color in the African diaspora.


Makeup Therapy to Heal Your Soul


~ Marsha Page

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